Main information about Avodart.

Avodart is a double 5-alpha reductase inhibitor which prevents a transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. It contains Dutasteride ingredient.

The drug has an evident anti-tumor action and stops progressing of the benign prostatic hyperplasia.

During the selective blocking of 5-alpha reductase, there is a reduction of dihydrotestosterone level and a positive dynamic is observed in the decreased growth of the benign prostatic tumor in the tissues of the prostatic gland.

Avodart is used to reduce a size of the prostatic gland (during its tumor), improve urination and reduce a risk of the acute urinary retention. The use of Avodart helps to neutralize the benign prostatic tumor without any surgeries.

Avodart is a hormonal and anti-tumor drug but it does not provide anabolic, androgenic action and is completely sage for men.

Administration and use of Avodart

Avodart capsules are used orally once per day. It is recommended to take the medicine at the same time in order to achieve the maximal therapeutic effect.

Do not chew or break the capsules because the contents of the capsule may irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth cavity or esophagus.

To treat the benign prostatic hyperplasia, men should take a pill of Avodart 0,5 mg per day. Taking higher doses will not increase the inhibition of the tumor or other symptoms of the urinary pathology.

Due to the everyday use of Avodart 0,5 mg, an improvement occurs quickly (within the first 7-10 days) but the treatment should be continued within 6 months. A medical effect may be correctly estimated in 6 months, and then a decision about the further therapy is made.

Recommendations for the use  

  • Researchers of Dutasteride have detected that this ingredient is absorbed through the skin. Therefore women and children under 16 years old should not touch the capsules
  • Avodart is dangerous for women because it can cause hormonal disorders and worsen a reproductive function. Due to this reason, the drug is contraindicated for women
  • Avodart does not interact with other drugs, is not contraindicated for men and does not cause severe side effects. Men may take the drug for not longer than 12 months at a run
  • If you have chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory or nervous system, the use of Avodart is not contraindicated

Side effect

The side effect of Avodart is felt within the first 2 weeks of taking the pills. Some biological processes are changed in the male body, the level of the sexual hormones is changed, so that such reaction as increase and itching of breast, low libido, erectile dysfunction, increase of HL and FSH, and fatigue appear.

The side effects of Avodart are reversible and all physiological and biological functions of the male body are restored after the treatment.