Main information about Champix

Champix has a high efficiency in the treatment of the nicotine addiction.

The drug contains Varenicline ingredient which has a double action.
The active ingredients of Champix stimulate the nicotine receptors in the brain and lower a need in the tobacco-smoking.
But when nicotine goes to the body from cigarettes, Varenicline on the contrary reduces its influence on the nicotine receptors, and a human gets less satisfaction from smoking.

The main therapeutic peculiarities of Champix are:

• A reduced desire to smoke
• A poor satisfaction from smoking
• Inhibited abstinent syndromes
• Neutralized formation of the addiction during tobacco-smoking
According to the results of the large-scale medical studies, the use of Champix completely inhibits a nicotine addiction within 12 weeks in about 64 % of cases.
Champix has a high level of the safety, and therefore it is prescribed patients of the full legal age, without any restrictions.

Administration and dosage of Champix

Champix is produced in the capsules for the oral use.

They should be used entirely and taken with a full glass of water.
Food does not influence on the pharmacological characteristics of the drug, and therefore you may take the capsules of Champix with or without food.
The treatment begins 1-2 weeks before the complete refusal from smoking.

A light disgust from cigarettes appears in the body, and so a severity of the withdrawal syndrome is reduced.
A standard therapeutic dose of Champix is 1 mg 2 times per day but it is gradually increased in order to detect a sensitivity to Verenicline and lower a risk of the side effects:
• Champix 0,5 mg is used once per day from 1 to 3rd day
• Champix 0,5 mg is used 2 times per day from 4 to 7th day
• A pill of Champix 1 mg is used 2 times per day from 8th day and up to the end of the treatment
A manufacturer has taken care about patients and developed a special blister-card in which a number of pills and dose are indicated according to the recommended course.
You do not have to buy a pack of Champix 0,5 mg and then a pack of Champix 1 mg. The treatment should not last for more than 12 weeks.

Recommendations for the use

• Champix is not prescribed for the treatment of the nicotine addiction and patients under 18 years old
• It is unknown how harmful Champix is for fetus and whether it penetrates into the breast-milk. Therefore, avoid taking Champix during pregnancy and lactation. If pregnancy occurred during the treatment, stop taking the capsules.
• Significant interaction of Varenicline with other drugs are not detected
• An influence of Champix on the symptoms of the mental disorders is not completely studied, and therefore if you have depression, anxiety or other psychological disorders, consult a doctor before using Champix

Side effec

According to the results of the medical studies, the negative reactions have often appeared in the first week after the started treatment. The side effects of Champix are weak or moderate.
Patients taking Champix may have the following side effects: nasopharyngitis, decreased/ increased appetite, abnormal dreams, headache, dizziness, nausea, and skin rash.