How Patients Benefit from Using Cytotec

Cytotec is often used by people to prevent unpleasant stomach ulcers, especially while taking NSAIDs and having a high risk of developing this medical condition.

Basically, this medicine helps patients reduce their risk of having serious ulcer complications, including bleeding. It works by protecting the stomach lining from acids.

You can take Cytotec in the right combination with some others drugs for abortion, too.

Guidelines of Its Proper Use

The right dosage of this medication should be prescribed based on your individual tolerance and condition. For example, if you take Cytotec to prevent stomach ulcers, it should be used orally, and most patients are asked by doctors to do that 4 times a day.

It’s advisable to take this medication after your meals to minimize the risk of having diarrhea. Patients who decide to use Cytotec for abortion need to follow the directions of their doctors carefully.

Sometimes, this medication is taken to start labor, and this is when it’s inserted into a vagina. You need to avoid taking antacids that include magnesium while using this medicine, because they increase the risk of having unwanted side effects.

Expected Side Effects

The most common side effects associated with this treatment are stomach cramps and nausea. If any unwanted symptoms get worse, you should call your doctor at once.

Most patients who take Cytotec don’t develop any serious adverse effects. Diarrhea is another side effect that may affect users, and it often starts 2 weeks after your initial dosage. The good news is that this symptom usually lasts only for 1 week.

If you suffer from diarrhea, you should drink enough fluid to prevent possible dehydration to avoid losing a lot of water and important minerals. It’s necessary to go to the hospital right after developing the following serious side effects:

  • Mood and mental changes;
  • Serious dizziness and reduce urine amount;
  • Muscle weakness and allergies;
  • Irregular and fast heartbeats;
  • Menstrual irregularities and other problems;
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding.

Important Cytotec Precautions

Before you start taking this medication, you need to inform your doctor about possible allergic reactions and other serious health conditions. For example, you should be careful with using Cytotec if you have intestinal and stomach diseases.

The regular use of tobacco and alcohol may increase the risk of having unwanted stomach bleeding, so it’s advisable to limit the consumption of these harmful products. It’s not allowed to take this medication to prevent stomach ulcers if you’re pregnant.

Dangerous Drug Interactions

Discuss possible drug interactions with your physician before you start using Cytotec, as there are some medications that shouldn’t be combined with it. Keep a list of other supplements and tablets that you’re taking to stay informed about their interactions with this drug.

Don’t increase your regular doses to avoid overdosing.