Main information about Lamisil.

Lamisil is a new antifungal drug of the broad action. It is able to cope with fungal infections of any origin and any site. The drug is produced in several medical forms: tablets, gel and ointment for external application, solution.

Lamisil contains Terbinafine ingredient. This ingredient inhibits the growth of the yeast fungi, dermatophyte, mold fungi, and some dimorphic fungi.

It inhibits biosynthesis of sterols in the cells of fungi, so that they lose the ability to develop and gradually die. A death of the fungal cell occurs within several days after the started treatment. Due to this, an evident therapeutic effect may be achieved in a short time.

Lamisil may be used in the treatment of the fungal infections of:

  • Nails
  • Skin (including abundant mycoses)
  • Hair part of the head
  • Mucous membranes
  • genitals (caused by Candida fungi)

According to the results of the medical studies, the efficiency of the therapeutic action of Lamisil is 80-96% in the treatment of the fungal infections.

Administration and dose of Lamisil

Depending on the severity and location of the fungal infection, patients are prescribed individual medical form and scheme of the treatment.

Lamisil pills are prescribed patients over 2 years old (if the body weight is more than 12 kg). Children are prescribed individual daily dose – 62,5-125 mg of Lamisil per day. Adults and teenagers over 12 years old are prescribed a pill of Lamisil 250 mg per day.

A length of the treatment depends on the degree of the medical effect.

Cream/gel/solution of Lamisil is used externally during fungal diseases of the skin, nails and body. it is applied with a thin layer to the skin 1-2 times per day within 4-12 weeks, depending on the disease severity.

In case of chronic fungal diseases of the skin and mucous membranes (neglected), Lamisil is used both orally and externally to increase a therapeutic effect.

Recommendations for the use

  • in case of severe diseases of liver and kidneys, Lamisil should not be used in pills
  • any medical products which contain Terbinafine are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation
  • a course of the disease may be significantly improved in the first days of the treatment, and the most evident symptoms of the infection will disappear. But do not stop the treatment. In case of the irregular use of Lamisil, relapses of the infectious processes are possible. If your doctor prescribed you 4-6-week-course of the treatment, Lamisil should be used within this period even if all symptoms of the disease disappeared
  • patients of senior age are not needed a dose adjustment of Lamisil

Side effect

Lamisil is well tolerated in general. The side effects are often weak or moderate and quickly disappear. The symptoms are often observed in the gastro-intestinal tract: nausea, diarrhea, mild abdominal pain, and loss of appetite.

There may be also dizziness, weakness, possible mild allergic reactions (rash/itching on the skin).If the side effects do not bother you, continue the treatment. If they cause a severe discomfort, go to a doctor.