Lasix – Revolutionary Diuretic to Treat Edema

Lasix is a water pill that is approved and appreciated for its ability to prevent the body from excessive salt absorption.

The active ingredient of loop diuretic medication, Furosemide, promotes salt passing in the urine instead of being absorbed in the organism.

Consequently, the treatment is used to improve various disorders, especially fluid retention in patients with liver problems, kidney diseases or congestive heart failure.

Besides, Lasix can be administered as an effective remedy of increased blood pressure. Ask your doctor about other Lasix uses.

Issues You Should Know before Lasix Intake

Safety stays before effectiveness when it comes to medications. That is why, it is inevitable to make sure Lasix therapy will not activate undesirable reactions and devastating complications.

Tell your healthcare specialist about all the diseases and health complications you have, if any:

  • Gout;
  • Abnormal cholesterol level;
  • Cirrhosis or similar liver disorder;
  • Enlarged prostate;
  • Urination impairments;
  • Electrolyte disorders;
  • Diabetes;
  • Lupus;
  • Allergies to other medications or products.

The complete effect of Lasix on children has not been studied, thus, it is preferable to avoid the medication use, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

There is a great risk of Lasix components passing into breast milk and causing harmful influences on the health of the baby.

How to Use Lasix for Maximal Effect

Take Lasix in accordance with all the safety concerns.

Do not increase the adjustment to avoid the medication overdose with its dangerous consequences. The boosted Lasix dose can lead to irreversible complications, including hearing loss.

Lasix will advance your urination, making you more dehydrated. Frequent medical tests may be requested from patients undergoing Lasix therapy in order to track the effectiveness of the medication. Administer the remedy for a full prescribed course, as symptoms may improve earlier than the condition as a whole.

Possible Abnormalities and Complications from Lasix Use

Administering Lasix you should make sure the drug is completely safe and will not cause any complications. Do not combine the pill with alcohol or other treatments that may advance sleepiness.

Consult your healthcare provider about other Lasix interactions, especially with the following drugs:

  • Lithium;
  • Blood pressure treatments;
  • Phenytoin;
  • Chloral hydrate;
  • Digitalis, etc.

Among minor side effects caused by Lasix are blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, headache, tingling and others.

These reactions will disappear after a few drug intakes. However, you should call the doctor when conditions aggravate or common side effects transfer into the devastating ones, especially:

  • Allergic reactions;
  • Electrolyte imbalance and its symptoms;
  • Kidney or liver disorders;
  • Jaundice;
  • Drowsiness, confusion, weakness, slurred speech;
  • Hearing problems;
  • Stomach discomfort;
  • Skin reactions and others.