Main information about Proscar

Proscar is a hormonal anti-tumor drug which contains an active ingredient Finasteride. An advantage of Proscar is a neutralized cause of the benign prostatic hyperplasia, so that the symptoms of the disease are reduced.

The main active ingredient Finasteride provides a positive improvement of metabolism in tissues of the prostate gland by means of blocking enzyme 5-alpha-reductase.

This enzyme takes part in synthesis of dihydrotestosterone (an active androgenic sexual hormone which is the main originator of the benign prostatic hyperplasia).

In case of the selective blocking of 5-alpha-reductase, the level of dihydrotestosterone is reduced, and positive dynamics is observed in the reduced growth of the benign tumor.

Proscar is used to minimize a need in surgeries at the prostate gland. In about 90% of cases, the use of Proscar helps to achieve a reduction of the tumor of the prostate gland.

But the effect is achieved only if the tumor was caused by the androgenic changes and surplus of dihydrotestosterone.

In 2-3 weeks of the treatment, lumen of the urinary tract is increased, a sharp pain disappears during urination, a desire to often urinate disappears.

A medical effect may be estimated in 3 months, when a process of the reduction of dihydrotestosterone will be high.

Administration and dose of Proscar

Proscar is used for a long time, atleast 6 months. Every pill of Proscar contains 5 mg of finasteride. To treat the benign prostatic hyperplasia, Proscar 5 mg is used once per day before breakfast. To achieve a stable effect, it is very important to take the pills regularly and without missing any dose.

The increase of the daily dose does not cause more intense reduction of the prostate tumor, and therefore it is pointless to take 2 and more pills of Proscar 5 mg.

Recommendations for the use

  1. Proscar 5 mg does not cause a medical addiction, and that is why the treatment may take 12 months and more. The efficiency of the drug is not reduced during a long-term treatment
  2. Proscar 5 mg may be contraindicated men only in case of the individual intolerance of Finasteride and a development of the allergic reaction. There are no other contraindications for men.
  3. Men with diseases of liver may need to lower the daily dose of Proscar
  4. Women are strictly contraindicated to use Proscar. This drug is dangerous for the female body because it is able to cause irreversible hormonal changes and pathological dysfunction of the reproductive system

Side effect

Proscar causes a reduction of one of the main male sexual hormones, and therefore a man may feel low sexual desire, poor erectile function, decreased amount of ejaculate.

All these side effects are light and completely disappear after the treatment (the level of dihydrotestosterone turns into normal and all physiological processes are restored).