Main information about Provigil

Provigil is a stimulant of the brain activity which improves memory, gets rid of the sleepiness and fatigue. It has Modafinil which is regarded as the safest psychostimulant by the international pharmaceutical society.

Provigil has been developed in order to treat a pathological sleepiness (narcolepsy) but it turned out that it has a broader pharmacological action.

A stimulation of the central nervous system significantly improves the brain activity: a mental capacity grows, and memory and attentiveness are improved.

It is easier to treat narcolepsy under the influence of Provigil. You will feel wakefulness, be full of energy, and will have a quality and healthy sleep at night.

Provigil is effective during a short-term and prolonged use. It helps to cope with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, narcolepsy, bipolar disorders and low mental activity.

Unlike strong psychostimulants, Provigil does not cause euphoria and does not cause a formation of the medical addiction during the correct application.

Administration and dose of Provigil

To treat narcolepsy, Provigil is used in the dose of 100 mg per day. Provigil 100 mg is used in the morning, before breakfast.

The pills are taken with water (do not take them with milk or juice). If you did not cope with the daytime sleepiness within 2-3 days, the dose is increased up to 200 mg per day.

If insomnia caused by a change of the time zones, Provigil is used in the dose of 100 mg per day within 3-4 days.

To increase the brain activity, Provigil is used in the dose of up to 200 mg per day.

Do not take Provigil for more than 28 days because the side effects may appear during the prolonged stimulation of the central nervous system.

The increase of the dose of Provigil more than 200 mg per day should be controlled by a doctor, and this dose is used only by serious indications.

Recommendations for the use

  • If you have the increased psychomotor agitation during the use of Provigil 200 mg, you can divide the daily dose into 2 parts and a pill of Provigil 100 mg should be used in the morning and a pill of Provigil 100 mg should be used in the afternoon
  • To avoid insomnia, do not take Provigil before sleeping. It is better to take the medicine in the morning
  • In case of the high blood pressure, heart failure, myocardial infarction, or stroke, the use of Provigil is not recommended. A stimulation of the central nervous system may cause high blood pressure and a load to the cardiovascular system
  • If you have epilepsy, disorder of the cerebral circulation, consult a doctor before using Provigil
  • If liver cirrhosis, pregnancy and lactation, the use of Provigil is strictly prohibited
  • If you are taking Provigil, do not consume alcohol

Side effect

The use of Provigil may be accompanied by light dizziness, tremor, high blood pressure. In case of the overdose, insomnia, anxiety, or panic attacks are possible. So do not exceed the daily dose of Provigil 200 mg.

The side effects may be controlled by means of the changed daily dose. The side effects usually pass within the first week because the central nervous system gets used to the work of Provigil.