Main information about Ultram

Ultram is a trade name of Tramadol hydrochloride. This is an opioid analgesic which is used for the different forms of the painful syndrome.

It is weaker than morphine and codeine but a general level of the pharmacological safety of Ultram is higher.

In order to neutralize a painful syndrome, Ultram binds to the opioid receptors, and receptors of the central nervous system and spinal cord.

Due to this, a maximally fast pain-relieving effect is achieved.

During the stimulation of the opioid receptors, a general level of the painful threshold is increased, and the interaction with the central nervous system helps to decrease a transfer of the painful impulses.

Ultram provides a general action and does not localize a certain part of the pain. Using the drug, patients feel an evident sedative effect which happens due to the effect to the central nervous system.

During the prolonged therapy of Ultram, a tolerance may develop, and therefore the treatment should be maximally short.

Bear in mind that a painful syndrome is a signal about pathologies in the body.

Ultram may stop pain but it is not able to cure of a cause of pain, and therefore a medical examination is required to neutralize a cause of pain.

A period of the action of a one-time therapeutic dose of Ultram is just 4-5 hours.

It is quickly excreted from the body, and therefore it is not accumulated and is not able to inhibit pain for a long time. an evident advantage of Ultram is a speed of the onset of the effect.

In 15 minutes after the use of a pill, pain is reduced, and painful sensations are completely inhibited in 30-40 minutes.

Administration and dose of Ultram

Ultram is produced in pills of 50 and 100 mg. It should be used orally and taken with a full glass of water. A consumed food does not influence on the bioavailability of the active ingredients, and therefore it does not matter when to take the pill.

Patients over 14 years old are recommended to begin the treatment of the painful syndrome from a one-time dose of Ultram 50 mg. The interval between the uses of the pills should be 5-6 hours.

If a pill of Ultram 50 mg is not enough to reduce a severe pain, and you do not have evident side effects, it is allowed to increase a dose up to 100 mg (1 pill of Ultram 100 mg or 2 pills of Ultram 50 mg).

It is allowed to take up to 400 mg of Ultram within a day.

Higher doses may cause the overdose and severe/sometimes fatal side effects. Due to the high pharmacological safety of Ultram, it may be used by children at the age of 1.

A dose is prescribed according to the scheme 1-2 mg of Ultram per 1 kg of the body weight per day. The daily dose is divided into 4 times.

Recommendations for the use

  • According to the records of FDA, Ultram is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation because its influence on fetus is unknown
  • Ultram is contraindicated during alcohol poisoning, narcotic analgesics, other medicines, hepatic insufficiency, organic brain lesions.
  • If you are taking Ultram, it is necessary to refuse from alcohol consumption during this period
  • If you noticed that the maximal one-time dose of Ultram 100 mg does not cause a pain reduction, stop the treatment. You probably have a tolerance.

Side effect

According to the data of FDA, the most common side effects during the use of Ultram are lack of energy, fatigue, lethargy, frequent urination, dry mouth, nausea, tachycardia, vasodilation and decrease in blood pressure, irregular menstruation, and mild allergic reactions.

A control of the side effects will help to take measures in time during recrudescence.